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Make sure that you have the best available conditions for your business. Come to Portugal supported by a strong network of partners that help you get them.

let's go-ON is a non-profit platform of networking and expertise designed to facilitate the setup of Service Centers, Shared Services and Outsourcing operations in Portugal. The platform is comprised by a set of companies and entities from several complementary areas of expertise, providing a combination of skills within organizational processes, management consulting, independent strategic advice, benchmarking and implementation of turnkey solutions.

Besides core fixed members, let's go-ON has access to a wide network of additional partners and experts that allow to further extend the platform’s competences.

let's go-ON is able to assist you over the entire relocation process, providing advisory, guidance and specialized services from initial assessments to full operation.

What let's go-ON can do for you

Pick the right options based on a thorough analysis of your needs and a deep legal & market knowledge. Use the expertise of let's go-ON to your advantage.

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Core partners

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Why setup an operation in Portugal?

Portugal has a unique strategic location where you benefit from competitive operating costs, modern business infrastructures and highly skilled human capital.Use the expertise of let's go-ON to your advantage.

  • Strategic location

    Portugal is a true gateway between Europe, Africa and Latin-America, providing access to a market of 250 million people in Portuguese Speaking Countries. Portugal is the most western country in Europe and the one closest to the North American time zones. Average time difference regarding other European countries varies between 0 and 1 hour. Accessibility is great with direct links to nearly 50 countries across the globe.

  • Technical capacity

    Portuguese education and research are recognized in international rankings. Portugal has numerous universities known for quality, whose students are greatly prepared for technical careers. Workforce in Portugal is recognized by quality, maturity and adaptability. Numerous Portuguese companies have achieved a high level of excellence and international recognition with state-of-the-art products and services. Staff turnover is lower in Portugal than in other nearshoring and offshoring locations. 

  • Language & social skills

    Portuguese workers are language-skilled, as half of the population speaks 1 foreign language and a quarter at least 2. English is the most widely spoken foreign language. Portuguese people are very friendly and hospitable, and have a great willingness to accept new cultures. Portuguese are also known for flexibility, creativity and resourcefulness. 

  • Competitive advantages

    Over the past 5 years, Portugal has been recognized by Gartner as one of the leading developed providers of technology-based outsourcing services in EMEA. The cost structure in Portugal is quite competitive both in terms of cost of living and labour costs.

  • Great technological & business infrastructures

    Portugal has advanced access and communication infrastructures assuming top positions in world rankings regarding broadband, optical fibre, telecommunications services and widespread use of ICT.

  • European standards

    Portugal is a founding member of the European Union and Eurozone with Western European ethics in culture, law and business. Inflation is low and the Euro protects European clients against currency fluctuations. There are no Visa restrictions on staff.

  • Stability & security

    Portugal is a politically and socially stable country with a highly rated business environment and privileged geography, climate and quality of life. Portugal is 11th in the Global Peace Index and the 9th safest country in the world according to The Economist.

  • Ease of doing business

    According to Doing Business 2016, published by the World Bank, Portugal is the 23th country in the world where it is easier to do business. Portugal stands out in some indicators: 1st country in the EU-28 (10th among 189 countries analysed) where it is easier to create a new company; carting a new business takes 2.5 days and implies 3 procedures; a property registration takes only 1 day and implies one process.

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Our knowledge sharing centre features a variety of relevant information for entities wishing to establish operations in the country, from global information to specific industry insights.


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